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Herzlich willkommen auf der Webseite derer Vom Hohen Ufer.

Dies ist die Internetpäsenz von Lady Johanna von Steinwedel und Lord Heinrich vom Hohen Ufer. Im weltlichen Leben (mundane life) heißen wir Manika und Olaf Dammann und haben normale Berufe. Hier geht es um unser Steckenpferd die Mittelalterei. Und da sind wir mit eben jenen Namen unterwegs.

Wir betreiben eine Menge Arts&Science, und versuchen die Projekte auch zu dokumentieren. Die Artikel sind oft in englisch, um sie so auch unseren europäischen SCA-Freunden zugänglich zu machen.


Blue Belt

November 2012

I have been asked if I could add something as a price for a contest. Sure… Well…. But what? So I decided to do a belt, nice, easy to make and useful. bluebelt4.jpg

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2012/11/29 19:06 · Heinrich

in action

See a couple of pictures of purses I made in action, like this group-picture of nice Ladies with Purses. action-group-1.jpg

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2012/08/05 13:07 · Heinrich

Purse 7i

July 2012

In parallel of Purse 6c I started the long planned Next Generation Purse. purse7i-08.jpg

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2012/07/14 11:28 · Heinrich

Purse 6c

July 2012

The first half of 2012 I did shoes. Sometime I bought a nice fabric with woven in Fleur-de-Lis (cotton, I know…), planning to use this for the interior of a purse sometime. On Doublewars I met my squire sister Bearcat, knowing to meet her back again on Pensic XLI. Her plate of arms is the Fleur-de-Lis, so it was obvious what to do :-) purse6-3.jpg

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2012/08/08 09:44 · Heinrich

Queens Landsknechts-Shoes

Mai 2012

My initial idea was to build the pair of 16th century cowmouth shoes from stepping through time (P.276, Fig.2). My Queen Shoban plays Landsknecht, that qualifies her to be a good victim for these shoes :-) And it is an honor for me, that she accepted this present.
The Shoe on the drawing is symmetric, no difference between right and left shoe. In the meantime I found historic sources complaining about these type of shoes, there is documents saying the servants needed to wear new shoes for a month and hand them over to the Lords and Ladies after that. The modern shoemakers strictly warn to use symmetric shoes, they are uncomfortable and may cause injuries on the foot (if worn regularly).

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2012/05/02 11:28 · Heinrich