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Blue Belt

November 2012

I have been asked if I could add something as a price for a contest. Sure… Well…. But what? So I decided to do a belt, nice, easy to make and useful. bluebelt4.jpg

The Belt

I bought a set of buckle and belt-end two years ago in the States, that was what I wanted to use for a colored Ladies belt. We know, colored belts is a special thing in the SCA, even for a Lady I wouldn’t recommend a red one. Yellow and green are reserved, too, that leads into black (no), brown (NO, I sad colored!) or blue. I bought blue leather Dyce a while ago, a good opportunity to use it.

So, I cut a strap off the back of a 2,2mm vegetable tanned cow-hide, the width of it was given by the tin-parts. bluebelt1.jpg
A pure leather-belt looks a boring, so I carved it a bit, just a simple design using stamps. I don’t like to make holes in the designs, so I let part free for them. I know the size of my Lady, she is skinny. A belt has to fit the wearer, but who will receive it? To make it wearable for a wider range of people I kept the empty space for the holes longer as usual, 30 cm. bluebelt5.jpg
After the carving I wetted it again and colored it, the second time at the next day. The other day it was polished. And Polished. And greased. And polished. And polished again…. Incredible how many pigments love to disappear!
By the way: I only color the backside of the hanging-part, not of the wrapping-part to reduce the risk of coloring the underlying dress.
The last step was to rivet the tin-parts onto it. I never did this before, so it looks like… Anyways: It works and the backside is flat to not ruin the dress.bluebelt3.jpg
Here it is: The Blue Belt! And, yes, I know, this is a veeeery dark blue….
Hope the winner can use it, congratulations from my side.